Meet the Staff at Sargent

Marla Langelotz
Lead Pastor

Marla grew up in the SAMC family and has been on the pastoral staff at SAMC since 1999.  Beginning in a quarter time role specifically connected to family ministry, the congregation has encouraged her growth and education to a point where she stepped into the role as lead pastor in 2010.  A teaching background and 10 wonderful years as the primary caregiver to three growing children have informed and shaped her life and ministry.  Her areas of responsibility include worship and pulpit ministry, pastoral care and developing leadership within the congregation. Marla is married to Karl.  Beyond the church, Marla finds joy in gardening, cycling, reading, cross-country skiing and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Andrea De Avila
Associate Pastor

Andrea De Avila joined the staff at SAMC on January 5, 2016. She works primarily with youth and young adults in our congregation. Before that, Andrea and her husband Nate were pastors at a small congregation in rural Iowa, USA. In 2019, she graduated from Canadian Mennonite University with a Master’s in Theological Studies. Andrea is also an alumna of Eastern Mennonite University and Hesston College. She loves volunteer opportunities and has served with Ten Thousand Villages, Mennonite Church USA, MCC Sargent and Selkirk thrift shops, and Mennonite Church Canada; among other organizations. She also enjoys watching documentaries, reading interesting articles and playing with her dog Fred.



Rose Enns
Administrative Assistant

Rose has been a part of the SAMC congregation since moving to Winnipeg in 1980, and has worked as the Administrative Assistant since 2000.  Rose is married to Rudy, and their growing family includes three sons, one daughter, two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and four grandchildren.  Outside of work, Rose enjoys spending time in the garden, reading, walking or cycling, and watching the grandkids grow.


Jonathan Muehling
Associate Pastor
jonathan website photo.jpg

Jonathan joined the pastoral staff team at SAMC on December 1, 2019. Prior to working in the church, Jonathan worked with at-risk youth in Winnipeg.  In 2015, Jonathan went back to University to obtain a MA in Christian Ministry from CMU.  During this time, Jonathan also worked half-time as a pastoral apprentice at a local church in the Westwood area of Winnipeg.  In August of 2019, Jonathan completed his degree at CMU, and subsequently finished his church apprenticeship.  At SAMC Jonathan provides pulpit ministry, congregational care, and general support to the rest of the pastoral team.

Jonathan is married to Melanie, and together they have two children, Samuel and Elise.  They enjoy spending time together as a family by playing games, going for walks, and going camping in the summer. Jonathan also enjoys reading books outside by his backyard fire pit, with  a good cup of coffee in hand.